Year of Severed Ties

by Kim Rose Project (KRP)

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The Debut Album of KRP!


released April 7, 2009

All music and lyrics by Kim Rose except for:
Track 4: music and lyrics by Kim Rose and Geoff Barone
Tracks 1, 8, 9 & 11: music by Kim Rose and Geoff Barone
Tracks 6 & 10: music by Kim Rose and Jimmy Firehead

Lead/Backing Vocals & Guitar: Kim Rose
Guitar & Keyboards: Geoff Barone
Drums: Anthony DeVizio
Additional Guitars on Tracks 6, 9 & 10: Jimmy Firehead Douglas
Additional Guitars on Track 7: Joe Muller
Bass on Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 & 11: Nate Stevens
Bass on Tracks 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 & 12: Gavin Moore
Additional Electronic Music on Tracks 3 & 8: Scott Rettig
Violins on Track 12: Emily Kalish

Executive Producer: Kim Rose
Producers: Joe Muller and Kim Rose
Head Engineer & Mixer: Joe Muller
Mastering: Scott Rettig at Sideways Sound, Jacksonville, FL
Recorded at S.I.R. Studios, New York, NY

Art Direction: Kim Rose
Graphic Design: John Clanin, Kim Rose and Andrew Tsao
Photography: Agnes Fohn
Inside Panel Photo: Tamara Lund
Logo Design: Vanessa Karam
Hair & Make Up: Samantha Karam
Special FX Make Up: Jessica Hollstein



all rights reserved


Kim Rose Project (KRP) New York, New York

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Track Name: Change to Learn
I might as well attest, And ask, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Living in a world where you’re told who to be, While hanging on to being you, Don’t let this manifest, And think, “What the hell is wrong with me?” Change making demands but you were making plans, I won’t deny it’s not easy, Don’t break to swallow, These things that fall on you, Even sunny days will burn, We cannot change what we can’t learn, Just to keep ourselves together, Set the bar and aim to please, Say exactly what you mean, Hope a new day will be better, Get this off your chest, Let me know what is wrong with you, Face up to how you feel, It’s how we keep it real, Letting you be true to you, Try your very best, Know that I’m your biggest fan, You’re screaming inside, “It’s not about pride, it’s about who I really am!” Don’t brake then follow, These things that fall on me, I’ll make up for what I lack, Hold me down I’ll push you back, Find my way through stormy weather, Like how angry winds will burn, We cannot change what we won’t learn, Just to keep ourselves together, Raise the bar and aim to please, And say exactly what you need, Know a new day will be better.
Track Name: Reason Behind You
I always knew there’d be a price I’d have to pay, And I watched you sadly hold your breath and drift away, Please stay, Asking for my blessing, You’re dying from this mess you said, “I hate the one, that I’ve become,” But time won’t rearrange, The doubts you’re clutching to that you can’t explain, And I can’t disclose to you, The reason behind all the terrible things, That haunt you (That break you), You chose to turn away from all you hoped to be, You spilled your heart out to them all except for me, Fuckin’ leave, Tired of confessions, I’m dying from your mess I said, “I hate the one, that you’ve become,” Waiting, lonely, hands unfolding, Rewinding to when you couldn’t know me, Part our ways, to God I pray, That one day you’ll find the words to say that, Time won’t rearrange, The hope you’re holding to that you can’t explain, And I can’t disclose to you, The reason behind all the beautiful things, That make you.
Track Name: Made
Another chapter begins, Brought on when you stole everything from me, Another victim at stake, Manipulate and tell them anything but believe, I know your secrets, Your dirty regrets and you’ll always wonder why, You’re reaching low, All that you take, Ends up wasted, I’ll let you know, All that you paved, Is everything you made, Begin another mistake, How quickly envy sweats and suffocates in you, Selfish and you’re too late, When saying sorry doesn’t compensate and you knew, I’ve seen your meanings, Been caught deceiving and you won’t escape this time, Keep it all in, Under your skin, No one knows where you end or begin, Disillusion, Mass confusion, No one plays them like you can, You’re losing hope, Wish you were something, Not a coward running from, Who you are, No use defending, Admit you’re pretending, You’re Reaching low...
Track Name: Broken Frames
The soul won’t shake, Your worst mistakes, Hearts disolve, Without resolve, Still I cannot see, The person I should be, How many promises can you break? And I will never know, Where I’m supposed to go, How many masks will you have to change? Ties that bind, Remind of happier times, Trapped in broken frames, That fade in our minds, You can’t leave, Let it all be known, Indecision makes waste, Possibility’s gone, Walking through, This empty house; it’s souless, lost, Far removed from everything, I once forgot, Walking past this empy face, Silent, gone and out of place, Still you cannot see, The person you should be, How many bets will I have to loose? And you will never know, Where you’re supposed to go, Lesson learned and now I’m forced to choose, And one day you’ll pay, For all you gave away, (Still you don’t know who you really are), You’ll wake up and you’ll find, You ran out of time, (All those moments you’ll never get back), The decisions you made, How easily we forgave, All you couldn’t say, Ties that bind remind of bitter times...
Track Name: Life For Fear
Do you feel when you think? Do you think when you feel? Taking pride and hate, From the souls you steal, You sit back and you laugh, At the debts that remain, As you pocket change from the stakes you claim, Everything has gone wrong this time, And we only have one chance to rise, This is not what we planned, As the walls came crashing down from someone’s stand, We don’t know what to feel, Trading life for loss and fear and nothing’s real, Do you love all your hate? You indulge in your rage, Making history’s new “coming-of-age,”Stay at home and you hide, From the games that you play, God, have mercy on you, When you meet your fate, You have the right to live and choose, When one falls down, We all loose, I fear those who can’t forgive the past, Resentments burn, As generations fail to learn that, We have the right to live and choose, With nothing left to lose.
Track Name: Escaping Me
Bored I confess I’ve repressed everything I know, And picked up the mess you left behind, Another year dead he said, “That one day we’d be fine,” But what should I do in the meantime? I’ll forgive you for all that’s done and said, But you’re responsible for the shit left in my head, Don’t tell me that I’ve gone crazy, This isn’t how this was to be, I’ve sat back and watched good escape me, Trying to keep my beliefs, Loaded and stressed I detest everything from you, And nothing you say will change my mind, Another tear bled, I shed myself from off your skin, And walked away without good-bye, You lost yourself and it’s more than you can bear, Once you find it all will you really be prepared?
Track Name: Fall Out
Help me, and wash away these shadows, Breakdown, wake up, These horrifying truths have led me straight to carelessness, Mercy, I can’t see, Memories of nightmares morphing to reality, I’m screaming in here, Outside to deaf ears, And I hate myself for thinking how this might be for nothing, Help me, and wash away these shadows, That follow me, won’t let me be, Don’t leave me, correct my soul in the this life, Let me sleep at night, regardless of the final price, Betray, I can’t breath, Why does it always seem so right how everybody leaves? Unguarded, I lost it all, Amazing how you can rise up but more so when you fall, I’m off to nowhere, I’m forced to not care, And I hate not knowing what I’d change if I could try again, Time’s got me, by the throat, I need to make things right again but I need time to cope, Cover my eyes, please come save my life, And I hate myself for feeling just how hopeless I’ve become.
Track Name: Final Resolution
I lie awake, I can’t escape, Truths withheld that I tried to change, Just to keep you here with me, Will you hang on tight? And show me some light, On my way to an endless night, Could I be someone you’d save? Time is gone, Sorry for the things that I couldn’t see as wrong, I should have been someone, You always wished I’d be, Been so unwise, Always falling short of winning in this life, I couldn’t compromise, And now this moment’s gone and passed me by, All that I hide, The want I denied, Your lips sealed by the tears in my eyes, Just to keep me here with you, The choices I sold, Bad habits grew old, Keep safe all of my stories untold, The cost of everything has left me here alone, Memory lives on, Because of you I figured out where I belong, I want to be someone, I always thought I’d be, I’ve been so blind, Help me make amends with you this final night, I want to rectify, I almost let you down and pass on by, And at the end of the day I think to myself, “How did I always seem to fail?” For all my troubles trying to be somebody else, Losing was drowning in the details, Now life goes on, (And all you dream), Sorry for the things that I never knew were wrong, (Is all that you should be), You let me be someone, I always dreamed I’d be, I’ve been unkind, (Live and be free), Always falling short of living my whole life, (You are the best in me), It’s time to compromise, With all you by my side, We’ll be alright…
Track Name: Unjust
I’d like to apologize to you, For making me out for a fool, I’m trapped, stuck, lost in these memories, Of how you were wrong and so cruel, I cannot ignore this and keep on pretending, When knowing you’re in the wrong place, I’m understanding, not over-demanding, You gently kicked me in the face, I stood up for you, And justified all that you do, I need you to know, That I won’t make up for you so, Let it go, You’d like to acknowledge my sins, And change who I worked hard to be, I’m not this, picture perfection, That’s less than what you can see, The bitch came between us, I hate how I feel this, And you are short of a clue, I’ll love you forever, this might not get better, I just don’t know what to do, I’d like to apologize to you, For being so wrong about you…
Track Name: Closure
I’ve criticized, over apologized, A thousand times before, I’ve agonized, over analyzed, And found out less is more, I don’t know, how to let go from all, I keep inside myself, I can’t see where I should be so I’ll just ask, When will closure end, So I can finally start again? I can’t wait anymore, I’m suffocating and need this life to begin, Instability, it’s taking all of me, Destroying all my ties, I can’t believe, the truth will set me free, Not knowing what I’d find, I don’t know, how to hold onto all, That matters most to me, I won’t wait and find out I’m too late again.
Track Name: More to This
Sink and you go, You gave blood and sweat for nothing to show, Ignoring all you think and what you know, You did right by them all, The bigger person takes the hardest fall, No good deed goes without punishment, Stay and believe, There’s more to this than what it seems, Wait and you’ll find, That doubt and fear is just a state of mind, Fled from the scene, The rock and the hard place you are stuck between, Fingers pointed to your guilty face, Flinch and you crack, So many words you’d like to take back, Lie and hide ashamed of what you’ve done, I hate to say, “I told you so,” again, But it’s been so clear to me, Trade it all in for defeat, Know that nothing great comes easily or free, Stay, I’m glad I got to tell you so...
Track Name: Angels
I always stood out, Once you let me in, Been watching your dreams unfold since then, The camera starts rolling, Before the lights go down, We’re seeing things for what they really are, Who’s to blame? We all got to stand out in the rain sometimes, To find our peace of mind, Would you feel the same? If you knew that the angels watched you when you cry, Blessing your soul, Waiting by your bedside, Lost destinations, Misplaced trust today, You’re clinging to a faith that lets you go, Pray for your calling, When you’re not okay, Been choking on your own uncertainty, What’s the deal with feeling useless all the time? You stay at home ‘cause you’re too scared to want to try, They’re reaching out, You’re letting go, Time heals wounds, But much too slow, And what’s to say once they all walk away for good? They were waiting by your bedside, I was waiting by your bedside, I was waiting, You always stood out, Once I let you in...