by Kim Rose Project (KRP)

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Selected songs from the album "Year of Severed Ties." Taped at SIR in New York, NY in July of 2010.


released December 1, 2010

Audio recording and mixing by Joe Muller, mastering by Scott Rettig. See the video footage at www.youtube.com/kimroseonline - directed by Scott Mushinskie.



all rights reserved


Kim Rose Project (KRP) New York, New York

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Track Name: Unjust
I’d like to apologize to you, For making me out for a fool, I’m trapped, stuck, lost in these memories, Of how you were wrong and so cruel, I cannot ignore this and keep on pretending, When knowing you’re in the wrong place, I’m understanding, not over-demanding, You gently kicked me in the face, I stood up for you, And justified all that you do, I need you to know, That I won’t make up for you so, Let it go, You’d like to acknowledge my sins, And change who I worked hard to be, I’m not this, picture perfection, That’s less than what you can see, The bitch came between us, I hate how I feel this, And you are short of a clue, I’ll love you forever, this might not get better, I just don’t know what to do, I’d like to apologize to you, For being so wrong about you…
Track Name: Final Resolution
I lie awake, I can’t escape, Truths withheld that I tried to change, Just to keep you here with me, Will you hang on tight? And show me some light, On my way to an endless night, Could I be someone you’d save? Time is gone, Sorry for the things that I couldn’t see as wrong, I should have been someone, You always wished I’d be, Been so unwise, Always falling short of winning in this life, I couldn’t compromise, And now this moment’s gone and passed me by, All that I hide, The want I denied, Your lips sealed by the tears in my eyes, Just to keep me here with you, The choices I sold, Bad habits grew old, Keep safe all of my stories untold, The cost of everything has left me here alone, Memory lives on, Because of you I figured out where I belong, I want to be someone, I always thought I’d be, I’ve been so blind, Help me make amends with you this final night, I want to rectify, I almost let you down and pass on by, And at the end of the day I think to myself, “How did I always seem to fail?” For all my troubles trying to be somebody else, Losing was drowning in the details, Now life goes on, (And all you dream), Sorry for the things that I never knew were wrong, (Is all that you should be), You let me be someone, I always dreamed I’d be, I’ve been unkind, (Live and be free), Always falling short of living my whole life, (You are the best in me), It’s time to compromise, With all you by my side, We’ll be alright…
Track Name: Broken Frames
The soul won’t shake, Your worst mistakes, Hearts disolve, Without resolve, Still I cannot see, The person I should be, How many promises can you break? And I will never know, Where I’m supposed to go, How many masks will you have to change? Ties that bind, Remind of happier times, Trapped in broken frames, That fade in our minds, You can’t leave, Let it all be known, Indecision makes waste, Possibility’s gone, Walking through, This empty house; it’s souless, lost, Far removed from everything, I once forgot, Walking past this empy face, Silent, gone and out of place, Still you cannot see, The person you should be, How many bets will I have to loose? And you will never know, Where you’re supposed to go, Lesson learned and now I’m forced to choose, And one day you’ll pay, For all you gave away, (Still you don’t know who you really are), You’ll wake up and you’ll find, You ran out of time, (All those moments you’ll never get back), The decisions you made, How easily we forgave, All you couldn’t say, Ties that bind remind of bitter times...